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Social Phobia
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Social Phobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by an intense, persistent fear and avoidance of social situations. This extreme fear of being judged or embarrassed may put a life on hold. Those who suffer may avoid social situations at all costs or tolerate them with great discomfort.

During social situations, or even before them, patients may experience some or all of the following symptoms: Excessive sweating, trembling, blushing, experience a pounding heart beat, feelings of confusion or a desire to flee the situation.

Social Anxiety can affect every day decisions. Sufferers ask themselves, "what do I feel comfortable doing?" instead of "what do I want to do?" People with Social Phobia are at higher risk for depression, alcoholism and even suicide. Also, long term relationships and professional success are often drastically limited.

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Our facility identifies and recruits appropriate patients and monitors them during the study. If you qualify and consent to participate, there will be no charge for your study medication and office visits. Additionally, you are responsible for attendence to regular scheduled appointments.


During any one-year period, up to 50 million Americans suffer from clearly diagnosable mental disorder involving a degree of incapacity that interferes with employment, attendence at school or daily life.