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Privacy Statement

At Quantum Laboratories we respect the privacy of individuals. The same confidentiality is respected for those who gain access to our website. You are not obligated to provide us with any information should you choose not to. The information that we view as personal is your e-mail address, name, address or phone number. If you give us any of this information, it is handled in strict confidence and will not be transferred to or sold to any outside company without your written consent. We may use the information you provided to us to contact you.

As a convenience to you, we provide some links to other websites that we feel maybe helpful to you. The policies we have described here regarding your confidentiality only apply to Quantum Laboratories, Inc. website(s). We are not responsible for the confidentiality should you choose to link to those sites. We suggest you contact those sites directly for their policies on confidentiality.





Our facility identifies and recruits appropriate patients and monitors them during the study. If you qualify and consent to participate, there will be no charge for your study medication and office visits. Additionally, you are responsible for attendence to regular scheduled appointments.


During any one-year period, up to 50 million Americans suffer from clearly diagnosable mental disorder involving a degree of incapacity that interferes with employment, attendence at school or daily life.